About Cellfina

At Behr Body Contouring in Fresno, California we are excited to offer the cellulite treatment Cellfina. This minimally invasive procedure treats the connective bands in the fat throughout the buttocks and thighs. These bands are the primary structural cause behind the look of cellulite by pulling the skin downard creating a dimpled and puckered look. Once the bands are released, the skin returns to a smoother appearance. 

get rid of cellulite with cellfina

Cellfina Treatment

Cellfina is performed in less than an hour at a doctor’s office and results show within three days of treatment. The Cellfina System uses proprietary technology to treat the woven bands throughout the buttocks and thighs. During the procedure, the cellulite areas are marked, a numbing agent is applied, and the treatment is performed. Patients can resume normal activity after treatment, but should take it easy for at least 24 hours. Some patients report soreness and bruising but there are no major side effects with Cellfina. Results begin to show in the treated areas after three days and can last up to three years after treatment or longer.

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