Collagen Stimulating Injectables (Sculptra and Radiesse)

Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues. Sculptra and Radiesse are injectable fillers that can enhance your natural collagen and restore volume. This can be used to lift and augment the buttocks. The fillers can also be diluted and injected more superficially to stimulate collagen in the dermis and improve the texture of crepey or wrinkled skin on the neck, chest, arms, abdomen or above the knees. Usually a series of 2 or 3 treatments are done a couple months apart. Collagen Fillers are often performed in combination with tightening procedures such as Ultherapy or Fraxel to give the best possible results.  

collagen filler sculptra

Sculptra/Radiesse Candidates

Patients who want to add more volume and lift to the buttocks can have fillers. Patients who want to improve skin laxity or crepey skin are candidates for the dilute treatments. Dr Behr Laser and Skin Care providers create a personal plan that may combine multiple different treatments to give the optimal results.  This can include body contouring with CoolSculpting or Liposuction; muscle enhancing with Cooltone or Emsculpt; skin tightening with Ultherapy, Thermitight, or Thermismooth, and texture improvement with Fraxel, Vivace or microneedling.  

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